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No: 113
July 2015
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Heave Away! Haul Away! South Australia round Cape Horn 10:00–12 noon WEA Centre Adelaide
22: South Australian resources for family history 10:00-1:00pm WEA Centre Adelaide
29: Using newspapers as a family history aid 10:00–12 noon WEA Centre Adelaide

August seminars
1: Identifying and dating old photographs 10:50–11:45am Unlock the Past (Adelaide)
Where did I come from? 10:00–12 noon WEA Centre Adelaide
19: Interpreting records for family trees 10:00–12 noon WEA Centre Adelaide
22: Researching the maternal line 9:00–10:00am Fleurieu Pen FHG
26: Centenary of WW1 - military ancestors 8:00–10pm WEA Centre Adelaide

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Historic records at the Lands Titles Office
Recent changes that enhance access to land records in South Australia have prompted this article to update material previously supplied on the topic in Proformat News #12. This article relates to the Lands Titles Office. The material relating to the Old System is detailed in Proformat News #64 and 108.

In this article I acknowledge that the earlier occupiers of the land in South Australia were the indigenous people.  However, this material relates to the European concept of owning the land through purchase from the previous owner. As far as the architects of the new colony of South Australia were concerned, the owner of all the land was deemed to be the colonial government who in turn assumed the land was previously unoccupied!

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Feature article
Historic records at the Lands Titles Office


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The Lands Titles Office (LTO) holds the Alphabetical index of land ownership.

Use this feature to ascertain if the person of interest had an association with a parcel of land. You do this by recording the title reference. It comprises a volume number originally in Latin numerals and folio number in Arabic digits and thus CCCCXLII / 95. With this reference you can access the title that will allow you to trace the history of the property ownership.

Since the end of April 2015 you can access this material online:
1. Go to:
2. Log in as guest user.
3 .Find Image Search in the menu bar and open Historical Name Index Search.

The process is then the same as using the public computers at the LTO.

You will be confronted with a page as follows and you will then have to locate the appropriate sheet containing the information you seek…In the following example of the 1904–1944 index, the Jaunay entries occur on page 116…

Earlier indexes are handwritten and you need to read the title numbers carefully! From 1904 onwards they are typed. Page 116 looks like this:

You can now also look at the Certificate of Title if the Volume number is less than 5000.

1. Go to:
2. Log in as guest user.
3. Find Image Search in the menu bar and open Title Image Search.

4. Enter the reference from the index and click on search. In the above example I have entered Vol 980 p 88.

1. Fill in the customer reference (I use my surname).
2. Tick Terms and Conditions.
3. Click Confirm Order.

The Certificate of Title will be downloaded to your computer. To purchase an historical title used to cost $9.50—currently this service online is free!

CT 980/88 (front side)

You can follow the Titles back and forward in time. Look to the top for earlier CT references and look to the end for more modern titles.

If the document number ranges between 1 and 362,091 then the paperwork can be viewed at State Records in Series GRS 12537.

The Hundred and Township Book is also at the LTO.

Use this feature to ascertain the general location of land. Use this service when you have found the piece of land of interest but the appended map is not clearly indicating its precise location. At the LTO you need to approach the counter for this service. However, the online material displays the current boundaries of sections and lots and may prove unhelpful especially in built-up areas. This was previously available online but the access is via a different route!

1. Go to:
2. Log in as guest user.
3. Find Property Location Browser in the Quick Links box and open.

4. Locate the heading, Access the PLB and click on the link within the text.

You can zoom down to single lot level and add further details.

You can access current records online as previously. You need to have the details of one of the following sets of records:
• The full street address including the street number or lot number.
• The Title reference.
• The plan or parcel reference.
• Valuation reference.

1. Go to:
2. Log in as guest user.
3. Find LandSearch in the menu bar and open Property Search.

1. After entering the appropriate details click on Search.
2. You will then be provided with the purchase options available.
3. You can purchase requested items using a credit card.
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